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The beauty of the SRT Ultra Marathon course is that it is a point-to-point route, without any loops. So every moment will be a new experience in the heart of the Sahyadri mountains. Runners will pass through evergreen mountains, dense forests with abundance of flora and fauna.

SRT Ultra is highly challenging in the sense that almost 70% of the marathon route comprises of technical trails, rocks, mud, scree, grass & roots, at an average altitude of 1000 metres. The SRT Ultra not just involves mountain running, but also considerable amount of climbing, which is encountered while ascending as well as descending one of the most pristine locations in Pune.

SRT Ultra Course Details

Starts at 6:10 am | Ends at 9:10 am

Maximum Time: 3 hours

Ascent 700 metres + | Descent 700 metres +

Highest Point 1296 metres | Lowest Point 646 metres

Total distance 11 Km | Aid Stations 1


Starts at 6:05 am | Ends: 12:05 pm

Maximum Time: 6 hours

Ascent 1000 metres + | Descent 1000 metres +

Highest Point 1296 metres | Lowest Point 633 metres

Total distance 25 Km | Aid Stations 2



Starts at 6 am | Ends: 6 pm

Maximum Time: 12 hours

Intermediate Cut Off Time: (8 hours) At Km 34 - Aid Station no. 4

Ascent 2320 metres + | Descent 2240 metres +

Highest Point 1400 metres | Lowest Point 640 metres

Total distance 53 Km | Aid Stations 5



There will be an intermediate cut off time only for the SRT Ultra Marathon Category.

This cut off time will be of 8 hours at the Aid-Station no. 4.

Aid-Station no. 4 is located at Km 34.

The cut off time will be in effect from 2pm onwards.

Participants of this category must ensure that they reach the Aid-Station no. 4 before 2pm for a smooth passage towards Torna.

The marathon will be over for runners beyond 34, at the above mentioned check point and it will be considered as a DNF.

The DNF runners will be taken to the finish line via shuttle service after 2pm.

Bib - Collection & Pre-Race Briefing: 

Date: 10/12/2021

Venue: Kondhana Guesthouse

Time: 3 pm onwards

The bib collection and pre-race briefing will be conducted at Kondhana Guesthouse on the 10th December 2021 from 3 pm onwards. Please check travel section on how to reach venue.

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