Host Hotel Kondhana Guesthouse is providing low cost accommodation per individual. Following are the plans:

  1. 1 Night - INR 1800/- per person (includes bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner & drop to starting point at 5 am).
  2. 2 Nights - INR 2800/- per person (includes bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner & drop to starting point at 5 am).
  3. Check-in: 12 noon
  4. Check-out: Post Marathon.

For Bookings Contact: Ketan9423012632 / 9545432929

* Once a booking is finalised, an advanced payment of INR 1000/- per person will have to be paid to confirm the booking. Please note that only when the advance amount is realised in the account, your accommodation will be confirmed.

*The balance amount will have to be paid once you arrive at Kondhana Guesthouse.

On-Site Camping Facility

For you the participating runner, we have come up with a low cost camping facility so your travel & accommodation expenses can be simplified within a healthy budget.

With a view to let you acclimatise with the area and also get to know fellow participants, host Hotel Kondana Guesthouse will be providing the camping space in their premises for a price of INR 1000/- for 1 day and INR 1500/- for 2 days, per person.

Interested participants can avail this facility only after registering for any of the 3 categories.

Camping Details

  1. A 2 man tent is permitted at the campsite.
  2. WGRF or Kondana Guesthouse will not be responsible for any loss of items, valuables that you possess during your camping stay.
  3. Portable toilets and hot water for shower will be provided to guests camping during SRT Ultra Marathon.
  4. Camping is completely self supported, you will have to keep your own camping place clean, without littering any rubbish or garbage.
  5. You will be given only one small garbage bag to dispose off your rubbish.
  6. Food will not be provided at the campsite, you will have to look for nearby hotels, restaurants for your food requirements.
  7. On marathon day, campers can leave their tents on the spot, as we will drop you back to the campsite after you have finished your run. So no need to carry your tent and personal items along during the marathon.
  8. Please be aware of the fact that the campsite is a no-smoking and no alcohol consumption zone.
  1. Register for one of the marathon categories.
  2. Before checkout find camping section.
  3. Select camping facility per night.
  4. You will be charged accordingly at checkout.
  5. Print out the entire ticket and produce on campsite when you reach.
  6. 1 ticket is valid only for 1 person.
  7. If you are accompanied by a friend, then write us a note about the same.
  8. You will pay extra person's charges on campsite in cash.
  9. Carry a valid ID proof with you.
  10. Clean your personal camping area before you leave.

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