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Run for a cause! Run the Sahyadris from your home!


SRT Ultra Virtual Marathon

WGRF has been conducting 2 ultra and trail running marathons in the Sahyadri mountain ranges since 2018, namely Sinhagad Epic Trail and SRT Ultra (Sinhagad-Rajgad-Torna). Sinhagad Epic Trail which was supposed to take place on 28 June 2020 has been cancelled owing to COVID19 pandemic. And hence we have shifted our focus on SRT Ultra 2020 scheduled to take place on 12/12/2020.

As life is getting a new perspective, everything is still not normal for thousands of people as well as animals of India.

VIRTUAL FUNDRAISER: We have come up with a virtual marathon combined with a  humanitarian initiative to help 2 NGOs who are currently helping migrant labourers and animals affected due to COVID19. They are:

1. Mashal NGO : Link to website
2. ResQ NGO : Link to website

We urge you to donate as much as you can for the cause as all the funds will be utilised to help the NGOs in their work.

Here are some of the FAQs

What is SRT Ultra Vitual?
Run/walk any of the 5 #srtathome challenges from your own space, like inside your home, garden, balcony or terrace, on a treadmill, on stairs to get elevation, outside on road or trail if it is permissible by law in your area.

When does this start?
SRT Ultra Virtual Marathon will start on 31 May and end on 9 June 2020. You can register till 7th June 2020 to contribute to the cause.

Eligibility Criteria?
Any individual above 15 years of age.

Time to complete?
10 days maximum in as many attempts and duration. You can complete this activity even in one or two days and share it with us!

What are the distance categories?
1. Sinhagad Half Vertical 10km
10km + 40 floors elevation (elevation optional)
* Example: Per day minimum activity 1km + 4 floors elevation

2. Sinhagad to Rajgad 25km
25km + 100 floors elevation (elevation optional)
* Example: Per day minimum activity 2.5km + 10 floors elevation

3. SRT Ultra 50Km
50km + 200 floors elevation (elevation optional)
* Example: Per day minimum activity 5km + 20 floors elevation

4. SRTR Ultra 80Km
80km + 320 floors elevation (elevation optional)
* Example: Per day minimum activity 8km + 32 floors elevation

5. SRTRS Ultra 110Km
110km + 440 floors elevation (elevation optional)
* Example: Per day minimum activity 11km + 44 floors elevation

How do I submit my timing?
Registered participants will receive a google form link, where you will manually enter your activity, submit activity link, and upload screenshot of your activity.

Use of GPS device?
It is not mandatory to use a gps device like sports watch to record your activity. You can record through any activity trackers like Strava,  Garmin, Suunto, Cultfit, Googlefit etc  by downloading the apps  on your mobile phone.

How many sessions required?
You can complete your distance category in as many sessions as you like. Our aim is to keep you motivated, fit and healthy to go to the mountains again!

What are the perks?
Record your activity everyday. We want you to take photo and video of this activity and share it on your Instagram stories or posts. Follow accounts@westernghatsrunning , @mashalngo7 and @resqct with hashtag #srtultra #srtathome #westernghatsrunning. We will feature it on our Instagram page.

Is elevation gain mandatory?
Normally 1 floor = 18 steps. You can manually fill the details in your activity as it is difficult to calculate elevation in an enclosed environment, so we will trust your activity submissions.

What will Finishers get?
Finishers of SRT Ultra Virtual Edition will get a Finisher e-certificate and a Finisher e-medal.

Don’t miss this unique fundraising activity, your contribution will help the needy!

Let’s run/walk #srtathome! 

Western Ghats Running Foundation

WGRF is a not-for-profit foundation having a goal of creating awareness of nature, its conservation protecting natural habitat. We are committed towards creating social awareness towards our environment by hosting trail and mountain running marathons and races.

Our stage is the Sahyadri mountain range of Western Ghats, in Maharashtra. The funds that will be generated through our trail running and mountain running marathons will go towards protecting and conserving the mountains and forest trails of the Western Ghats.

The funds acquired through current and future events will be utilised for the conservation of  forests controlled by Maharashtra State Forest Department, and conservation of the protected forts & monuments of Maharashtra State Archeology Department.

SRT Ultra Marathon and Sinhagad Epic Trail will be a non profit event and part of the proceeds will be donated wherever deemed to be fit to conserve forest land, and conservation of protected monuments of the State Archeology Department.

We are the sort of Trust, where all our current and future marathons will be fully volunteer driven. Volunteers are the true backbone of any marathon, and it is the volunteers who give the marathon its sole identity.

WGRF are committed to work together with their volunteers to give trail and mountain running the required scope to improve as a sport locally, while at the same time build a strong community of people respecting the environment and the sport.

If you want to be a part of our core volunteer team, please contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Gmail.