Western Ghats Running Foundation

WGRF is a not-for-profit foundation having a goal of creating awareness of nature, its conservation protecting natural habitat. We are committed towards creating social awareness towards our environment by hosting trail and mountain running marathons and races.

Our stage is the Sahyadri mountain range of Western Ghats, in Maharashtra. The funds that will be generated through our trail running and mountain running marathons will go towards protecting and conserving the mountains and forest trails of the Western Ghats.

The funds acquired through current and future events will be utilised for the conservation of  forests controlled by Maharashtra State Forest Department, and conservation of the protected forts & monuments of Maharashtra State Archeology Department.

Our Story

SRT Ultra Marathon and Sinhagad Epic Trail will be a non profit event and part of the proceeds will be donated wherever deemed to be fit to conserve forest land, and conservation of protected monuments of the State Archeology Department.

We are the sort of Trust, where all our current and future marathons will be fully volunteer driven. Volunteers are the true backbone of any marathon, and it is the volunteers who give the marathon its sole identity.

WGRF are committed to work together with their volunteers to give trail and mountain running the required scope to improve as a sport locally, while at the same time build a strong community of people respecting the environment and the sport.

If you want to be a part of our core volunteer team, please contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Gmail.